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Dreaming Out Loud

Sonia, Twenty. I love words and anything funny.


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I'm done. I swear to god I'm f*cking done. My life is shit and I can't handle this anymore. From hating myself, to cutting, to god knows what else. I'm tired. I'm alone. And I can't do this any longer. Just wanted to let you know your blog is amazing. Have a nice life :)

Dear anon, there are so many days when I feel the exact same way. Last night, this morning, maybe for the rest of the week? I’m sad all the time, I feel like things will never work out and it would be oh so easy to just give up. I don’t know where I get this strength from though, I think its from people like you, to keep on going. Because In my heart I know there are many like you and me that feels this way, and to just give up would diminish the little hope that any of us still hold on to (that hope that everything will work out in the end). Please don’t hate yourself, please don’t cut, I know how hard both of those things are. But you can always stop -trust me. AND PLEASE DON’T DO ANYTHING AT ALL, just take a deep breath and put this thought into your mind, this stranger loves you. I don’t care what colour you are, what’s the shape of your body, I don’t even care if you think you’re ugly or, your nose is too big or what ever. I don’t care. Because honestly, I bet there’s a beautiful person writing this to me, and if I was there I would give you a BIG HUG and tell you we’ll make it through this life. And that little voice in your head that’s making you hate yourself, If you speak to me off anon I will try my hardest to change it. 

The sad thing is that most of the time all someone need is someone to talk to, and it’s hard finding someone to tell all your worries to. I made this tumblr because I had to let my frustration out in someway, and you would not imagine the amount of time some stranger has opened their ears and heart to me and I’ve felt okay. I’ll do the same, anytime. Please message me back, I hope you’re not dead. PLEASE ANON. If you die it will break my heart. PLEASE. You’re not alone, no matter what you say, and most time we’re upset because of one thing that happen and it turns into everything. PLEASE, I FEEL THE SAME WAY EVERYDAY BUT YOU CANNOT DIE. NOT FOR ME, I’ll never have a nice life knowing that there’s no hope for us out there. PLEASE WAKE UP AND TALK TO ME.